Can I Crack UPSC Without Coaching?-Dnyanjyoti Nagpur


Cracking the UPSC examination is a dream for many aspiring civil servants. However, the question arises: is it possible to crack UPSC without coaching? In this blog, we will delve into the strategies employed by coaching centers and compare them with the feasibility of independent UPSC preparation. Let’s explore whether it is possible to crack UPSC without coaching and the factors to consider while making this decision.

1. Coaching Institute Strategies:

Coaching institutes have long been considered the go-to option for UPSC aspirants due to their structured approach and experienced faculty. These institutes provide subject-specific guidance, time management techniques, and regular mock tests. Their proven track record of producing successful candidates creates a sense of security among students.

2. Independent Preparation:

Contrary to popular belief, to crack UPSC without coaching is indeed possible. Numerous successful candidates have followed a self-study approach and succeeded in the examination. Independent preparation offers flexibility, personalization, and self-motivation. It allows aspirants to tailor their study plan according to their strengths and weaknesses. However, it requires discipline, determination, and the right resources.

3. Comparative Analysis:

a. Study Material:

Coaching institutes provide comprehensive study material curated by experienced faculties, which simplifies the preparation process for students. On the other hand, independent learners have access to a wide range of resources available online, such as textbooks, reference books, and free study materials provided by websites like Dnyanjyoti Education Nagpur. Independent learners must, however, actively seek out reliable sources and ensure their study material covers the entire UPSC syllabus.

b. Faculty Guidance:

Coaching institutes offer guidance from seasoned faculty members who have in-depth knowledge about UPSC examination patterns. They provide valuable insights, answer doubts, and help students develop a strategic approach to different subjects. Independent learners have the liberty to explore multiple online platforms where renowned educators provide video lectures and guidance through online forums. However, without a physical presence, seeking clarification may be challenging.

c. Structured Timetable:

Coaching institutes have well-defined study plans, dividing the syllabus into smaller portions to aid time management and completion of the vast curriculum. Independent learners must create their own timetable, aligning it with the UPSC syllabus and ensuring they cover all subjects. This requires discipline and meticulous planning on their part.

d. Mock Tests and Feedback:

Coaching institutes regularly conduct mock tests to simulate the exam environment, identify weaknesses, and provide personalized feedback. For independent learners, several websites offer mock tests and self-assessment tools, allowing them to evaluate their progress. While the feedback may not be as personalized, it still provides valuable insights for improvement.



Crack UPSC without coaching is undoubtedly possible, provided one possesses the determination, discipline, and the right resources. Independent learners have the opportunity to personalize their UPSC study plans and enjoy flexibility. However, coaching institutes offer structured guidance, experienced faculty, and comprehensive study materials. Ultimately, the decision to opt for coaching or independent preparation should be based on individual aptitude, availability of resources, and personal preferences.

Remember, success in UPSC ultimately depends on an individual’s dedication, consistency, and hard work rather than the mode of preparation chosen. So, your journey towards cracking UPSC, whether with or without coaching, begins with your desire to succeed and your unwavering commitment to the goal. Good luck!

FAQs on UPSC Without Coaching

  1. How to crack UPSC Exam without coaching?

    Ensure to thoroughly review the syllabus and Previous Year Papers (PYPs), effectively utilize all accessible resources, apply time management strategies while crafting your study schedule, engage in mock test practice, and consistently focus on improving your areas of weakness until they transform into areas of strength.

  2. How much time will it take to clear UPSC without coaching?

    The time it takes to prepare for the UPSC exams without coaching varies based on individual pace. Usually, candidates start their preparation several years before the exam.

  3. Is self-study enough for UPSC Preparation?

    Self-study along with regular revisions are helpful while preparing for UPSC examinations. One can also refer to coaching videos and expert lectures on leading platforms like Dnyanjyoti Education Nagpur to self-study.

  4. What is the first thing I should do while preparing for UPSC Exam without coaching?

    Gaining a deep knowledge of the syllabus is crucial as it guides a candidate in identifying the essential topics for preparation. This understanding is a key factor in effectively preparing for the UPSC exam without the need for coaching.

  5. What are some best preparation books for UPSC without coaching?

    Ancient History by R.S Sharma, India People and Economy (NCERT) Psychology NCERT class 12th book and similar books are good to refer to while preparing for UPSC exams.

  6. Can I crack UPSC without coaching?

    Yes, you can crack UPSC exam without coaching. There have been many candidates in the past who were successful in cracking the exam without taking any coaching. With dedication, consistency and a great preparation strategy, it is possible to clear the exam without coaching.

  7. How many hours should I study to crack UPSC Exam without coaching?

    One size does not fit all. You should devote time to each subject as per your current level of preparation. For UPSC self-study, aim for 6-8 hours daily, focusing on quality and consistency. Balance with breaks and self-care for effective preparation.