UPSC Optional Subject List and Syllabus for CSE Exam 2023

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UPSC Optional Subject

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is one of the most prestigious and competitive exams in India. As part of the CSE, candidates are required to select one UPSC optional subject from a list of 26 UPSC optional subject provided by the UPSC. The optional subject carries significant weightage in the final selection process and allows candidates to showcase their expertise and interest in a particular field.

UPSC Optional Subject carries 500 marks, which is almost 25% of the total marks of the Written Exam & Interview.

UPSC Optional Subject List 2023

The UPSC offers a wide range of optional subjects for candidates to choose from. As of the last available information, the list consists of 26 optional subjects. These subjects table are as follows:

UPSC Optional Subjects List

UPSC Agriculture Syllabus

UPSC Law Syllabus
UPSC Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Syllabus  UPSC Management Syllabus
UPSC Anthropology Syllabus UPSC Mathematics Syllabus
UPSC Botany Syllabus UPSC Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
UPSC Chemistry Syllabus UPSC Medical Science Syllabus
UPSC Civil Engineering Syllabus UPSC Philosophy Syllabus
UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Syllabus UPSC Physics Syllabus
UPSC Economics Syllabus UPSC PSIR Syllabus
UPSC Electrical Engineering Syllabus UPSC Psychology Syllabus
UPSC Geography Syllabus UPSC Public Administration Syllabus
UPSC Geology Syllabus UPSC Sociology Syllabus
UPSC History Syllabus UPSC Statistics Syllabus
UPSC Zoology Syllabus

Literature of any one of the Following Languages
Assamese Literature Syllabus Marathi Literature Syllabus
Bodo Literature Syllabus Odia Literature Syllabus
Bengali Literature Syllabus Nepali Literature Syllabus
Dogri Literature Syllabus Sanskrit Literature Syllabus
Gujarati Literature Syllabus Punjabi Literature Syllabus
Hindi Literature Syllabus Sindhi Literature Syllabus
Kashmiri Literature Syllabus Santhali Literature Syllabus
Kannada Literature Syllabus Tamil Literature Syllabus
Malayalam Literature Syllabus Telugu Literature Syllabus
Konkani Literature Syllabus English Literature Syllabus
Manipuri Literature Syllabus Urdu Literature Syllabus
Maithili Literature Syllabus

Syllabus for UPSC Optional Subjects

Each optional subject has its own specific syllabus, and candidates are expected to study and prepare accordingly. The syllabus for each subject is extensive and covers a wide range of topics. It is essential for candidates to have a deep understanding of the subject matter and be able to analyze and critically evaluate the topics.

The syllabus for each subject is available on the official UPSC website ( or can be obtained from reliable study materials and coaching institutes. It is advisable for candidates to go through the syllabus thoroughly and create a study plan accordingly.


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The selection of an UPSC optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is a significant step towards achieving success in the highly competitive exam. Candidates should carefully analyze their interests, strengths, and available resources before making a final decision. It is recommended to start preparing for the chosen subject well in advance, ensuring a thorough understanding of the syllabus and regular practice to achieve the desired results in the examination