Sansad TV: The Global Debate – U.S-China Tensions Over Taiwan

U.S-China tensions over Taiwan (China MAP)

Introduction (U.S-China Tensions Over Taiwan): In the wake of U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan, China’s swift and furious response has triggered a heightened state of tension. China has initiated its largest-ever military drills around Taiwan, signaling a troubling escalation in their longstanding dispute. Understanding the One-China Policy: The One-China policy is a … Read more

MPSC Exam Date 2024

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) has recently released the MPSC Time Table 2023 on June 7, 2023. This updated calendar provides important information regarding the examination dates for various competitive exams conducted by the commission. Aspirants preparing for the MPSC exams can now access the MPSC Calendar 2022-23 and plan their preparations accordingly. The … Read more

Nuclear Safety & Security: India’s Energy Future

The Global Debate- Nuclear Safety & Security

Introduction: Increased shelling around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine has renewed fears of a nuclear catastrophe. World leaders have called for an immediate demilitarization of the plant and urged both sides to exercise restraint. Risks and concerns associated with nuclear energy: Potential of nuclear energy for India: Conclusion: “Nuclear Safety & Security” is … Read more

Biofuel Alliance: Advancing Sustainable Biofuels for Global Impact

Biofuel Alliance: Advancing Sustainable Biofuels for Global Impact

Biofuel Alliance: Advancing Sustainable Solutions Biofuels, in various forms – solid, liquid, and gaseous, offer a promising avenue for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Solid biofuels like wood, dried plant material, and manure, alongside liquid counterparts such as bioethanol and biodiesel, and gaseous biogas, represent the frontier of renewable energy. Brazil, India, and the … Read more

Transforming India into a Manufacturing Powerhouse of the World

Making India a Manufacturing Powerhouse

Introduction: India’s Manufacturing powerhouse sector has emerged as a key driver of economic growth, contributing significantly to job creation and influencing various other sectors of the economy. Between fiscal years 2006 and 2012, the manufacturing-sector GDP in India witnessed robust growth, averaging 9.5 percent annually. Subsequently, over the following six years, this growth rate moderated … Read more

Protecting India’s Indigenous Tribes: Challenges and Initiatives

Several government initiatives have been introduced to improve the lives of India's indigenous tribes

Introduction: The recent passing of the last known member of an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest, famously referred to as the ‘man of the hole,’ has reignited discussions on the vital need to safeguard indigenous communities worldwide. This unidentified man from an uncontacted Indigenous tribe in Brazil lived in solitude for decades, drawing attention … Read more

The Asian Century: A New Era of Growth

The Asian Century A New Era of Growth

The Asian Century: There are several challenges to overcome in this journey: Global Responsibilities: As Asia’s influence and economic footprint grow globally, it will face new responsibilities and duties. The region should actively participate in shaping global rules rather than merely observing and following them. Asia should be seen as a responsible global citizen and … Read more

One Nation, One Election: Balancing the Pros and Cons

One India, One Election: Balancing the Pros and Cons

What is One Nation, One Election?: Simultaneous elections, often referred to as “One Nation, One Election,” is a concept gaining prominence in Indian politics. It envisions the synchronization of elections for Lok Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies, Panchayats, and Urban local bodies once every five years. This idea has garnered attention, especially after receiving support from … Read more

Transforming Governance with Blockchain Technology: A Paradigm Shift

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Introduction: Blockchain, an ingenious distributed ledger technology, emerged as the foundational technology behind cryptocurrency with the advent of Bitcoin in 2009. It’s a versatile system capable of representing and tracking both tangible and intangible assets, introducing transparency, accelerating processing speeds, and cutting costs. Globally and within nations, there’s a growing momentum towards integrating blockchain-based applications … Read more